Monday, April 25, 2011


Cade, his brother Davin and I love Batman: Brave and the Bold (which they refer to as "Blue Batman").

Imagine my surprise and pride when he delivered this picture to me and I said "Hey, great Batman!" He replied: "No, Dad. It's Bat-Mite!"

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

This was a framed Christmas gift for Dad from a four year old Cade, but I wanted to share it for two reasons:
1. It is clearly Kyle Rayner for some reason. I thought he only knew Hal and John...
2. The floating GL symbol is very Van Sciver.

My son is an unapologetic modernist.

Hulk Family

Depicted here from left to right: The Incredible Hulk (shouting his catch phrase "Hlek Smash!"), Hulk Dog, Hulk Monkey ("eating a banana chip!") and up above, Pterodactulk stealing the banana chip.

His proud father would like to point out two things:
1. All of them have torn purple pants.
2. Despite the presence of a Hulk Dog, Cade has not seen Ang Lee's Hulk film...yet.


My son's name is Cade. He is five years old and loves to draw superheroes. This site is an archive of those drawings. Enjoy!

Cade's Dad.